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Member Program Cycle

Member Program Cycle

The Member Program Cycle takes you through four one on one appointments that are tailored to address individual needs and ensure you are set up to achieve your fitness goals.

After the initial four stages, you are encouraged to make a time to book into any stage in the cycle throughout your health club membership. 

Already a member? Book in for your first appointment using the Brimbank Leisure Centre app

Benefits of the Member Program Cycle

  • Members are more invested in their exercise plan and wellness goals  
  • Members are empowered, enabling greater health benefits and a sustainable change  
  • Members feel informed, lessening any apprehension to begin their exercise or wellness plan  
  • Members receive greater value for their membership  

The member program cycle consists of:

  • Program Plan: Goal setting, pre-exercise screening and body composition analysis.  
  • Program Show: One on one walk through of your personalised program. Focusing on technique cues and advice.  
  • Program Check: Receive and provide feedback on your program and make adjustments where necessary.  
  • Program Review: Review your progress, re-evaluate your goals and complete a follow up body composition analysis.  

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