6 Week Challenge
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  • 04/01/22
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6 Week Challenge

REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN for our MyZone 6 Week Challenge



Are you ready for your next challenge?


What is the MyZone 6 Week Challenge?

A challenge for participants with a MyZone heart-rate monitor (MZ-1, MZ-3 and/or MZ-Switch) with the objective of attaining the most MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) and achieving the greatest body composition change during the 6-week period.

Weekly challenges will also be facilitated throughout the 6-week period.


What is MyZone?

MyZone heart rate monitors is a wearable piece of technology, providing a fun and interactive way to help you perform at your best and give real time feedback on your exercise intensity and effort level.

This fun and interactive system will allow you to compete against yourself, friends and trainers at the Centre. No matter what your fitness level is, MyZone uses heart rate zones to earn “MyZone Effort Points” (MEPS).

The higher your heart rate zone the more points you earn.

There are 5 heart rate zones (Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red).


When is it?

Starts on Monday February 7 and ends Sunday March 10, 2022.


Am I eligible to participate?

If you have a current Full Access membership and a MyZone heart-rate monitor, you are eligible to participate.

If you are not yet a member and would like to register, enquire HERE.




  • Prefect for beginners
  • Stores your data, so you can workout phone-free.
  • Battery powered, non-recharegable 
  • Online logbook to view and compare all your exercise history.
  • Live display of data via smartphone app, watch or 'in club' displays.
  • Connect with friends and stay motivated through MYZONE's social feed.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • 99.4% accuracy to an EKG/ECG machine providing data you can trust.


I’m NOT a member and I don’t have a MyZone heart-rate monitor?

You can join now and receive a FREE MyZone MZ-1 belt. You can get more information HERE.


I’m a current member and don’t have a MyZone heart-rate monitor?

You can purchase a MyZone MZ-3 in-centre for $80.00 or a MZ-1 for $40.00.


I’m a current member and have a MyZone heart-rate monitor?

There is nothing further required to participate.


What do I receive when I confirm registration?

  • Access to 6-Week Challenge Facebook Support group
  • Access to Challenge on MyZone app
  • Invitation to information session prior to the challenge
  • Invitation to post-challenge breakfast for all participants
  • On-going support by our qualified gym instructors


What group fitness classes can I participate in?

Any group fitness class on the timetable


What can I win?

Our major prizes are valued at over $500.00

Winners of the weekly mini-challenge winners will win various prizes.


What support will I receive?

All participants will have access to the 6-Week Challenge Facebook Support group where they can engage with other participants and staff. This group will provide:

  • Nutrition hints and tips
  • Home workouts
  • Private space to share journey with others


All participants will also complete a body composition scan at the beginning and end of the challenge, with assistance provided by our qualified gym instructors.


What is Body Composition?

Body Composition describes the percentage of muscle, fat, bone and water in the human body.

“The greatest body composition change” refers to the participant who reduces the most amount of body fat percentage during the challenge.


How do I set-up my MyZone heart-rate monitor?

Instructions to set-up the MyZone heart-rate monitor are provided in the box at purchase. If you need andditonal assistance, our qualified staff can help if needed.


What is the cost?

The challenge is free for all members with a MyZone heart-rate monitor.

The only cost is for current members without a MyZone heart-rate monitor who will need to purchase one in order to participate.

MZ-3 = $80.00     MZ-1 = $40.00


How do I confirm my place in the challenge?

If you choose to participate you need to email the Health & Fitness Supervisor to confirm your place – LukeDV@brimbank.vic.gov.au