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Mask and towel required in gym

Requirements for training at Sunshine Leisure Centre and St Albans Pop-up Gym

Please bring your mask and towel to every workout

With our health clubs and group fitness programs back up and running, we have been excited to see you all again. Since re-opening our health clubs and group fitness classes, we have seen over 1200 visits at Sunshine Leisure Centre and the St Albans Pop Up Gym.

One of the restrictions imposed on indoor health clubs is the requirement for members to wear a mask during their workout. The exception to this is when a member is out of breath or “huffing and puffing” during their workout. With all different fitness levels, there is not a defined list of activities that require a mask to be worn or not. We ask that all members wear a mask unless they are out of breath or performing a physically exertive exercise. If you are unsure about the requirements of wearing a mask in the gym or during a class please speak to one of our friendly Gym Instructors. In addition to this, please ensure that you bring your own towel to each workout. If you forget, towels are available for purchase at Sunshine Leisure Centre reception.

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